2018 in ten minutes.

Back in college and before iPhones, I used to walk around with a AA-battery-powered Canon point-and-shoot digital camera capable of taking video clips maxing out at one minute in length. That was the low-quality setting. At high quality, I think it was 15 seconds. Youtube was new and videos on the platform maxed out at ten minutes, so I cut together a year in review squishing 2005 to fit that time limit. That was fun. I did it again in 2006.

In 2007, I lost a bunch of footage. In 2008 I didn’t take much footage, and in 2009 my nearly-completed review was destroyed by a system crash. I moved on from the project with only two years completed.

I’m 38 now, so before I’m ready for a full-blown midlife crisis, I decided to get an early start by looking back at my media. Time to try again. I’m in the process now of cutting together videos representing every year since the project began.

Although these are all moments from my life, the idea isn’t to make a video about me, but to combine scrapbooking and social media with a sensibility that’s endearing and sincere. While it’s true some moments will only be meaningful to a small circle, I’m doing my best to transmit something entertaining, playful and interesting to strangers who may view the work.

The project, so far, has appeared in pieces on the Zelda and the Unibrows Youtube channel, but I’ll be posting revised versions with more information and better sound mixes to my new, personal Youtube channel in reverse-chronological order starting with 2018. I hope to have 14 years worth of material posted by the end of 2019, so please subscribe if you’re inclined.

Thanks for watching…

Joseph Krause