Comedy Bang Bang

Mike “Biggs” Kallio, who you may know from his piano and celesta performance on Zelda and the Unibrows’ “Museum TV Station” EP, just had his seven-second-long “Plugs” jingle featured on the Comedy Bang Bang podcast!

Here it is. It is NSFW.

Composed and performed by Biggs, it was recorded and arranged at Bumbleplex Studio by the two of us in a feverish dervish of pure creative inspiration, and can be heard at the 1:27:00 mark in episode 587.

The link to the show was to be submitted via Soundcloud, so I used my old Unibrows account for that, resulting in the track being credited to Zelda and the Unibrows. Thankfully, Biggs got credit in the show as well, and I’m not going to complain to them about getting some accidental publicity.

Joseph Krause