WDUM Million Dollar Contest

From a WDUM broadcast, 1995:
Oh, OK, now I’m on. Ah, yes, the wonderful Beatles, off of their White Album, “Good Night” was the name of that one. Well, now it’s 2:34. I’m your host Joe.

And… now it’s… Oh yes.

Now it’s time for our Contest of the Week. Now, in this envelope, which I have in my right hand, is the winner of the million dollar contest. Now, the winner must call in within sixty seconds, or the winner will not win the million dollar prize.

The winner is: Cathy Splain from El Paso, Texas.

Cathy, you’ve got sixty seconds to call in. Good luck.

Cathy, you now have ten seconds to call in.

Cathy? …. I mean not ten seconds before I’m s – I’m sorry, you’ve … Cathy’s got thirty seconds now.

Oh and I’d just like to say while we still have some time if you’d like to call in to make requests, the number is 294… 5555.

Cathy, you got ten seconds.

Five, four, three, two, one, zer – 

OK, I’m sorry you didn’t win the prize, Cathy. But now I’m going to make a special offer for everybody out there. If anyone would like to collect this ONE MILLION DOLLARS we have just sitting up here in the studio, simply be… be the first caller and you’ll get the… the million dollars. 

Joseph Krause