Joseph C. Krause visiting Frank Zappa’s bust in Baltimore.

About me.

Hey there. I’m a multimedia artist living in Detroit. I create sound design, music and video, and produce larger interdisciplinary works when I can. What makes me a little different is that I love connecting people. It’s a joy to introduce artists who wouldn’t otherwise have worked together and create something great that couldn’t have existed any other way. I strive to make fun, quirky, and occasionally meaningful content.

I’ve worked on Hollywood films, cofounded comedy groups and a podcast network and created original serials for radio. I’ve collaborated with music ensembles, dancers, filmmakers, writers, actors, animators, and performance and visual artists, both locally and internationally.

I also love showing people my city, so I run the tour company Backseat Detroit. I’ve provided tours to over 1,000 people.

If you like my work, get in touch using the form below. Thanks for checking out my personal homepage on the World Wide Web.

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