This piece by Psilodump is the result of an afternoon visit to his studio in Stockholm, delivering an avalanche of samples I’d recorded for him to interpret. When I returned home, I also recorded a violin improvisation by Scott Murphy which was stitched into the track.

I produced this six-episode serial for the Erie Canal Theatre podcast. It’s a retro-noir-80s dark comedy with glimmers of “Network”, based on a story by Mike McGettigan. The most fun was creating the fake 80s TV commercials.

Two live performances with an orchestra, two with a rock band, all for Lado Darakhvelidze’s Museum TV Station events. This music was performed in Detroit and viewed in Poland and Amsterdam live over Skype.


This long-form sci-fi comedy serial was created for Stashu’s “Dance With Me, Stanley” on WFMU and also launched the Erie Canal Theatre podcast. Perhaps the most ambitious project I’ve produced, spanning 18 episodes and over six hours of original content.

One of my favorite suites of Unibrows music finds me singing about the non-existence of ghosts, editing my dad to make him sound like he’s talking about a lake monster, making creepy Christmas music and quasi-classical chiptunes, and finally reveling in the impermanence of all things.

I produced this take on an obscure radio thriller, wading out into the public domain. Original music and sound design by Clark Eagling and Jeff Jimison. The most chilling story about a fourble board you’ll hear all week.


Found sound art. Paul Szewczyk and I set an anonymous family’s 1978 home recording to music. I found the cassette on which this was based at a thrift store in 2002. Many years after making this project Paul found one of the people on the tape, who was completely indifferent to our musical interpretation. We returned the original cassette to him anyway.

An album made with filmmaker Jesse Barnes comprised of soundscapes, noise, and a few passages of beauty. There’s some kind of loose sci-fi plot inspired by improv great Lou Houchin. Lou was the force behind Mr. Rogers’ Sweatshop, an improv troupe I co-founded in 1998 with a group of very fun people who I don’t see often enough anymore. The cover art is based on a piece by Kresge Arts fellow Cedric Tai, who also contributed a remix.

Paul Szewczyk and I parody an obscure photo of John Cage and Karlheinz Stockhausen as we fly over Detroit. You can hear our knees wobbling as we try working with a few more musicians and a little less MIDI for the first time. “Secret Penis” marks the first time working with Jeff Jimison, who plays a borrowed contrabassoon. The music on this album was the basis for the short film of the same name.


I produced this NSFW audio serial in 2004 just before podcasts became a thing. Starring and co-written by friends Tim Rath and Jerry DiFranco, this was based on the mythology of their personas that had been spun by artist Ben Eliasz, who contributed the cover art drawing. The plot is simple. Rath’s Mangler can see into the future and knows which babies will grow up to be criminals, so he devours them now before they can get started.

This double-feature contains "Happy Tape” and “Captain Spacerocket”, described elsewhere on this page. This was the original format for these works, packaged with images of Warfield Greens Golf Club. The CD version came with a golf pencil inside the jewel case. Paul Szewczyk and I had the idea at this time that our albums would be packaged with images of places we had worked, but we abandoned this idea after our first two releases.


At age 14, the first album I produced was a tribute to “Weird Al” Yankovic called “Prosthetic Lips”. It’s long out of print, mostly because I had no idea how to navigate legal issues at that time. This is another Weird Al tribute created by “Insane Ian” Bonds, who appeared on Prosthetic Lips. Chrystal Starr sings the Al original “I Remember Larry”, treated here with copious MIDI arpeggios and embarrassing electric-keyboard-default drum beats. I still like it.

Growing up together, Paul Szewczyk and I made many home recordings full of fake radio shows, skits, and avant-garde sound collages. In high school, Paul was writing music and I was trying to write music. This is our first album together and contains many clues, themes and references that would become part of the firmament above all of our work.