Neves-eatnouT compact disc

Neves-eatnouT compact disc


An honest-to-goodness compact disc of the first Zelda and the Unibrows album. Released in 2001, complete with shrinkwrap and sticker reading “This album isn’t as industrial as it looks.” Tracks from this album were heard across Canada on CBC-2s “Brave New Waves” with Patty Schmidt in the early 2000s.

Includes photography of the tool and die shop where I worked at forming and spot-welding machines in the Summer of 1999, and introducing the “27” logo. Paul Szewczyk and I were obsessed with the number because of a collision of coincicences that we all really know are meaningless. But it’s fun to pretend they have meaning.

If you feel like being a hacker, this is also a “mixed mode” CD, meaning that some computers may be able to still read the year-2000-era files on the outer part of the disc, whereupon you can unearth a WAV file of an alternate mix of one of the album tracks as well as two xtra-low-res nearly-unplayable AVI home movies.

This is the only time Zelda and the Unibrows pressed a real CD, all of our other releases were CDrs burned at home.

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