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I created the original sound design for this film by Academy Award Nominated animator Gary Schwartz.


I created the original soundtrack for this film created by Armenian high-schoolers under direction of Gary Schwartz.

This video was a finalist in a contest by They Might Be Giants.


An orchestra performed my original music in Detroit to be heard live by an audience in Amsterdam via Skype. An international collaboration with Georgian artist Lado Darakhvelidze and conductor Indervir Singh.

We all know Santa lives forever, which means he will witness the end of time. I produced this holiday charmer, working with Christopher Holt on the music and Jeff Jimison on the direction.


The movie that every film student makes where they spend too much time doing as much of the work as possible. Based on the album of the same name with music by Paul Szewczyk.

I composed original music in the style of Edgard Varèse fot this home movie of sorts set to poetry by Stashu, host of “Dance With Me, Stanley” on WFMU.


I worked in locations, production assistance, and post-production. If you see the whole film, you will see me on stage playing accordion for a few seconds. Winner of “best screenplay” at the 2009 San Diego film festival.

I did locations and research work on this film.


A video about my Detroit City tours created by Zachary Forest Ottawa Zweifler.

An ancient student movie. I’m a little embarrassed by it, but people seem to like it. Hear me sing.